My Super Awesome Vegas Trip…

Turns out, it wasn’t that super or awesome…

Vegas is my guilty pleasure. I visit the city 4-5 times a year and overall, it’s just a cheap fun getaway. So I’ve been planning this Vegas trip since like January, got a super nice room on a high floor, you know, all the bells and whistles. 

It’s Sunday. I wake up, and I cant breathe. I had felt myself getting sick throughout the week but I thought it was allergies so I paid it no mind. Turns out I was wrong, it was, in fact, a sinus infection. Up until this point I hadn’t been sick in like 8 months so it’s only right that I get sick the day of a vacation right? 

So we get to Vegas, get checked in everything is great beside my inability to breath, runny nose, and raging headache. I felt so bad for wifey because we were there Sunday-Wednesday…I slept 10 hours on Sunday, 12 hours on Monday, and another 10 on Tuesday. So we literally paid a several hundred bucks to sleep. Thrilled.

So now it’s Tuesday, our last day there, we figure “hey lets go to the pool, it’s our last day.” We’re 38 floors up so we decided to go to the balcony to see how many people are at the pool and we casually close the door behind us. It locked. So now we’re locked out on the 38th floor of The Signature At MGM Grand hotel and at this point, I’m thrilled. For the next hour and a half, wifey is screaming her head off trying to get someone’s attention while I’m trying to break down this patio door.

Finally, someone hears us and security comes. We got SUPER excited. Except we forgot one thing…that we latched the room door closed so security can’t just walk in. They had to cut the latch lock which took what seemed like forever lol. Once they finally got in, it was a breeze. Not gonna lie, security guy was kind of rude, but its cool. He said “Word of advice, you probably shouldn’t lock the door, you’re on the 38th floor after all.” Which is a valid point, however, if we had known the door was going to lock, we would’ve left it open. Thankful it wasn’t a hotter day or that I wasn’t a kid or something cause that could’ve been very bad. How the patio locked, I’m not sure. But what I am sure of is that I’ll never forget this trip. 

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