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105 Random Acts of Kindness – Day 7

Today is…

National Sticky Bun Day!!! 

National Sticky Bun Day celebrates sticky buns, sweet rolls that are eaten for dessert or breakfast. They are similar to cinnamon rolls, but are not the same. When they are made, a pan is lined with sticky ingredients—such as honey and syrup—as well as ingredients such as pecans or other nuts, sugar, and butter. Rolled pieces of leavened dough, sometimes mixed with brown sugar and cinnamon, are placed into the pan, on top of the sticky lining. After being baked, the now fused buns are flipped over, and the sticky lining bottom now becomes the topping. The sticky buns can then be pulled apart somewhat uniformly. When being commercially made, they are usually not inverted and are instead cooked in an aluminum tin loaf, with the sticky icing on top.

Honey and nuts were first added to bread millennia ago, being done so by the ancient Egyptians. Types of sticky buns have been eaten since the Middle Ages. Some sticky buns of German origin are called “Schnecken,” and were introduced to America by the Pennsylvania Dutch.

Which special someone could you surprise with a delicious Sticky Bun?

Here’s the recipe




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