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New in Theaters: “Mission Impossible” and “Teen Titans”

1.  Mission Impossible – Fallout  (PG-13)

Tom Cruise returns as IMF agent Ethan Hunt.  In this one, he loses track of some plutonium while saving his team . . . Ving Rhames (Luther) and Simon Pegg (Benji) . . . and then has to work with an arms dealer to retrieve it.

Henry Cavill is a CIA assassin assigned to the mission to take him out if he goes rogue, and Vanessa Kirbyfrom “The Crown” is the arms dealer who’s now in possession of the plutonium.

Sean Harris returns as Syndicate leader Solomon Lane, Rebecca Ferguson is also back as her “Rogue Nation”character Ilsa Faust, Alec Baldwin is IMF Secretary Alan Hunley, and Angela Bassett is the new head of the CIA.

As usual, Tom does all his own stunts, including a HALO jump, his own flying for a helicopter chase, riding against traffic without a helmet for a motorcycle chase in Paris and, of course, the infamous rooftop jump where he broke his ankle.

2.  Teen Titans Go! To the Movies  (PG)

The Cartoon Network TV show moves to the big screen for the first time when Robin decides the only way to be taken seriously is for the Titans to get a big Hollywood movie like all the other superheroes.  Kristen Bell is a director who rejects them.

Will Arnett is the bad guy, Slade Wilson, who the team tries to turn into an arch-enemy to increase their chances of landing a movie deal.  Will normally plays Batman in the “LEGO” movies, but Jimmy Kimmel is Batman in this one.

The other voice cameos include Halsey as Wonder Woman, Nicolas Cage as Superman, Patton Oswalt as the Atom, Lil Yachty as Green Lantern, Wil Wheaton as the Flash, and Stan Lee as himself.

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