New Movies Out This Weekend

Yes, there are a lot of great outdoor activities this weekend. But, if you want to sit inside with the AC and watch a movie- here are 2 new releases!



An alien invasion thriller written and directed by Jordan Peele.  His last two movies were the horror classics “Us” and “Get Out”.


After their dad dies, Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer inherit a Hollywood horse ranch out in the middle of the California desert.  Steven Yeun from “The Walking Dead” is also in it as the owner of a twisted western theme.


When they become convinced there’s a UFO hiding in the cloud above their ranch, the brother and sister become determined to get undeniable proof that aliens exist . . . which doesn’t sit too well with their nightly visitors.



Katie Holmes wrote, directed, and stars in this romantic drama about two strangers who are stuck living alone together during the pandemic after her boyfriend accidentally double-books an Airbnb.


When the boyfriend doesn’t show up, she’s forced into lockdown with some other guy, and they both start reexamining their bad relationships as they learn to appreciate each other more.


Jim Sturgess is the lucky stranger she connects with during lockdown, and Derek Luke is her socially distanced boyfriend.

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