Paul McCartney Is Working on a “New” Beatles Song

A “new” Beatles song is coming out sometime this year, and Paul McCartney says it’ll be their LAST.

He didn’t name the song, but it’s probably a track John Lennon wrote back in 1978 called “Now and Then”.

Remember in the mid-’90s, when the remaining Beatles released those “new” songs “Free As a Bird” and “Real Love”?

Those were originally on a low-quality tape that Lennon had recorded and labeled “For Paul”.  Lennon was, of course, murdered in 1980, but Yoko Ono eventually gave that tape to Paul.

“Now and Then” was on it, too, but they weren’t able to clean it up enough to do anything with it.  At least that was George Harrison’s opinion, so they just left it alone.

But now, thanks to A.I. and other technological advances, they finally finished it.  There’s no word on the release date.

Even though he’s benefitting from it now, Paul’s a little guarded about the future of technology.

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