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Puppies and Food Truck Party

If you’ve been thinking about bringing home a new pupper, you need to be at this party. 

Nuzzles and Co. puppies cheering up an office during our puppy party earlier this month.

For the second year in a row, I’m teaming up with Mark Miller Subaru and Nuzzles and Co. for a pet rescue mission to the Navajo Reservation. Our goal this year is to bring home 100 cats and dogs to find their forever homes right here in Utah. 

I even got suckered into taking one of these babies home. His name is Hoodoo and he’s the cutest.

There’s only one problem; Nuzzles and Co. is a little crowded. Let’s help them empty the kennels and collect some food!

The Event
Oquirrh Park and Lake in Daybreak
When: Thursday, May 24th 5:00pm-8:00pm

In partnership with The Food Truck League, bring your family down for dinner and play in the park with over a dozen adoptable puppies. Nuzzles staff will be on site to assist with adoptions when you end up falling in love.

Bring a bag of dog or cat food along to donate to the Navajo pet shelter in Kayenta, AZ. RSVP on the Facebook event page for more details and updates. 

The Navajo Nation has a homeless pet population estimated at over 100,000. To make matter worse, the reservation, which is size of West Virginia, only has four shelters to deal with the problem. Last year, we flew down in Mark Miller’s personal airplane, donated dozens of bags of pet food, cleaned up the shelter, and brought home 85 stray pets. Let’s do it even bigger this year!


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