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Random Acts of Kindness – Day 23

Today is…

National Meatball Day
Get Over It Day
Panic Day

Get Over It Day was created by Jeff Goldblatt, an entrepreneur from Atlanta who was having trouble getting over his ex-girlfriend. After he realized many would be able to relate to the holiday, he wrote a poem and put up a website. Subsequently, many media outlets such as Good Morning America featured his holiday.

Get Over It Day is a self-reflective day that focuses on getting over something and moving on. It is almost certain that it can be celebrated by everyone in some way. It can be a day to get over an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, stressful issues at school or work, disappointments, rejections, fears, insecurities, hurt, and anger. No matter what the negative feelings are and what is causing them, it is a day to get over it.

How to Observe Get Over It Day
Celebrate the day by getting over something.
What has been troubling you the most? Is it a breakup or a loss of a friend? Is it an overwhelming fear or insecurity? Is it a festering anger?
It won’t be easy, but today is the day to try as hard as you can to get over it and move on.
Think about all the good things in your life and the people that care about you, and have them help pull you through.
Be proactive and work to change your own thoughts and actions.
Are you not able to think of something you want to get over?
How can you spread kindness today?
  • Ask your friends if there is anything you complain a lot about, and work to get over that thing.
  • Play some happy, relaxing music for anyone who needs it
  • Watch a thriller with the family
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