Ryan Reynolds Trolls Mom On Mother’s Day

I hope he got her a really nice present to make up for this. Ryan Reynolds just trolled his Mom hard on Mother’s Day. He posted a photo of his mother, Tammy, smiling next to someone dressed in a white rabbit costume with the caption, “Yeah, you’ve made some unsettling romantic decisions. But that never stopped you from being an amazing mom. Happy Mother’s Day.”


He then shared the same photo on Instagram with a similar caption, but also naming the person under the suit as “Doug”.

This isn’t the first time Reynolds trolled his mother on social media. Earlier this year the Canadian actor posted a doctored photo of his mother covered in fake tattoos at Brazil’s Comic Con.


My Mom had the best time in the #Deadpool tattoo booth at Brazil Comic Con. #ccxp2017

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What did you do for your mother on Mother’s Day?

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