Saturday Morning Serial – Rosie Tapia Cold Case

Two very exciting happenings with Saturday Morning Serial today: 

1) By popular demand, we are officially turning SMS into a weekly installment! You can look forward to a fresh true crime story every Saturday morning. 

2) We are trying something new. Normally Jackson researches and tells the story for SMS, but we have recruited our friend Jason Jensen from Jensen Investigations and the Utah Cold Case Coalition to join in the fun. 

On this week’s episode of SMS, Jason will talk about the abduction, sexual assault, and murder of 6-year-old Rosie Tapia

Although Rosie was murdered nearly 25 years ago, as of this recording, her killer has not been brought to justice. However, Utah Cold Case Coalition is pretty confident that they know who did it. 

Listen to the episode and find extras below: 

Listen to “SMS – Cold Case: Rosie Tapia” on Spreaker.



The 2010 Composite sketch rendered from Rosie’s sister (who was 18 in 1995) of the man who brought Rosie home the night before her death (08/12/1995)

March 2019 composite sketch by forensic sketch artist Michael Streed, rendered by the witness who saw the teenager with wet jeans from the knees down leaving the area of the canal where Rosie was drowned.

To get more information on Rosie Tapia’s case and to follow along for updates, click here.

To follow along with the progress of Intermountain Forensics (the FIRST non-profit DNA lab in the country), click here.

For more information about the Utah Cold Case Coalition or to report a tip on Rosie’s case or any other cold cases, click here.

Follow Jason Jensen’s private investigation firm here.


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