Saturday Shout | Animal People, Royal Riri, and A Real Life Grinch

It’s the Saturday Shout! A review of all things weird, silly, and (mostly) animal news.

Whoville Float Goes Up in Flames
Most of us can agree that 2016 kinda fell flat… But the most difficult year in recent memory wouldn’t be complete until we had a holiday visit from The Grinch. A Christmas float decked out like Dr. Seuss’ Whoville caught fire in Alabama after an unidentified person flicked a cigarette onto a bed of straw. Nobody was hurt, but unfortunately, the float was a loss before it even hit the parade. Check out the video here.

Ariana Grande is in The Dog House
Little did I know, I have a lot more in common with Ariana Grande beside the fact that we’re both sassy, dangerous women. Turns out that she’s an animal hoarder as well! She posted this photo of 5 very judgmental-looking dogs (apparently upset that she had left them for so long). After some research, I found out that these side-eye experts are only about half of her pack. She has 8 dog babies in total.

Hot Dudes and Baby Animals
I’m pretty sure I’m being punked, because never before have has something been so highly tailored specifically to me. The 2017 Cornell Men of The Vet School calendar is officially on sale. Every year, a fraternity of future veterinarians raises money for their “Patient Payment Assistance” program by selling a calendar that is covered seam-to-seam with sexy beasts (oh, and there are animals in it, too). See for yourself.

Also, Christmas is coming up…. So if you were planning on getting me a gift…

Rihanna and Prince Harry Get Tested
 The unlikely duo teamed up on December 1st (World AIDS Day) and got tested for HIV. The goal was to raise awareness of HIV and to show how simple getting tested can be.

Also, Prince Harry totally fan-girled out over meeting her and it was the cutest.

and lastly…

Kansas Police Find Shocking Photos That Made Even Me Say “I’m getting too old for this -”
Police in Gardner, KS set up a motion-triggered camera at a park after reports that there may be a mountain lion in the area. Images pulled from the camera show people -adult human beings- adorning several different animal costumes.

Now, the police played it off as if it were a joke… But I’m gonna go ahead and avoid any Kansas parks after dark. Some serious monkey business happens after the sun sets on KS.

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