Selena Gomez Shuts Down Her Website For Blackout Tuesday And Encourages “Introspective Thinking”

As the music community came together in a moment of reflection on Tuesday (June 2) Selena Gomez was one of many that participated in “Blackout Tuesday.”

Gomez shut down her website to show support of “Blackout Tuesday” and instead highlighted organizations that promote racial injustice education.

“It’s my hope today you are taking the time to do some introspective thinking about how we can all come together and listen to one another with an open heart and mind,” Gomez began, ‘The country is long overdue for meaningful changes to our broken society. Black lives matter.” Selena included the Instagram handles of Black Lives Matter, When We All Vote, Color of Change, and NAACP.

Gomez’s beauty brand, Rare Beauty also took part in “Black Tuesday” with a similar message.

Did you take part in “Blackout Tuesday?” In what ways will you come together with your community to combat racial injustice?

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