Shouldn’t My Boyfriend Get the Tattoo of His Ex’s Name Removed?

We’ve said this a million times, but people keep doing it! Couple tattoos are relationship killers!

Before I met my boyfriend, he was in a serious relationship for about three years. Obviously, it didn’t work out between them.

Normally you can just forget about your significant other’s exes, because they’re in the past. But this one is very much in the present.

He got her name tattooed on his chest. Stupid? Yes. But he doesn’t talk to her anymore and they’ve been broken up for over a year.

I want him to get the tattoo removed, but he’s being weird about it. He says it’ll cost a lot of money and he doesn’t want to go through all the pain.

Shouldn’t my boyfriend have the tattoo of his ex-girlfriend’s name removed? Since he hasn’t done it, does it mean he’s still into her?

Carley, 25

If you make the mistake of tattooing a significant other’s name on your body, and then you break up, do you immediately get it removed?

Or do you hold onto it in case you get back together? Take the survey!

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