Sinead O’Connor Told Her Kids to Do If She Died

Sinead O’Connor left instructions for her children if she were to die suddenly . . . and they’re kind of a sad commentary on the music business.

In a 2021 interview, she said, quote, “I’ve always instructed my children since they were very small, ‘If your mother drops dead tomorrow before you called 911, call my accountant and make sure the record companies don’t start releasing my records and not telling you where the money is.'”

She added, quote, “When the artists are dead, they’re much more valuable than when they’re alive.  Tupac has released way more albums since he died than he ever did alive, so it’s kind of gross what record companies do.”

And even though she didn’t really like Prince, she said it made her angry to see people, quote, “raping his vault.”

Sinead is survived by three kids:  A 36-year-old son, a 27-year-old daughter, and a 16-year-old son.  She also had a son named Shane, who took his own life last year, when he was just 17.

Speaking of Sinead . . .

Police are still investigating the cause of death, but they’re not treating it as suspicious.

At the time of her death, Sinead was finishing up a new album, plotting a tour, and working on a possible biopic.

Pink and Brandi Carlile paid tribute to Sinead during a show Wednesday night . . . and Tori Amos did the same.

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