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Saturday Morning Serial is a weekly bonus episode of The Mix Morning Fix in which Jackson tells Jon and Monroe a true crime story. Though it is not explicit, we do discuss murder and other violent crimes. This episode may not be suitable for young listeners.

This week, our friend Jason Jensen from Jensen Private Investigations and the Utah Cold Case Coalition joins us to talk about the heartbreaking, unsolved case of Christine Gallegos. This case is so solvable. We just need to hear from a little squirrel.

Have a tip for Utah Cold Case Coalition? Call completely anonymously 385-CLUE-313 (385-258-3313).


WARNING: This blog contains a graphic depiction of a crime scene. DO NOT scroll any farther if you don’t wish to view graphic material. 


Christine Gallegos was just 18-years-old when her body was found stabbed and shot in a Salt Lake City ally in 1985.  If you know anything about Christine’s case, you are encouraged to call 385-CLUE-313.

A mother, still grieving, seeks justice for her daughter's murder 34 years ago. Leah Gallegos being interviewed by Marcos Ortiz for a big story in the Justice Files for later this month.

Posted by Christine Gallegos, Carla Maxwell & Lisa Strong Murders: How They Connect on Monday, July 22, 2019

Christine’s mother recently spoke with ABC 4’s Marcos Ortiz about her daughter’s case. Utah Cold Case Coalition members feel confident that they know the murderer (street name: Tree). They just need the killer’s associate (street name: Squirrel) to come forward. 




Christine was found with several knife wounds on her back as well as a gunshot to her neck. This mixed-method homicide is what led Utah Cold Case Coalition to believe there was more than one killer. 

An autopsy revealed that even though she was stabbed multiple times, the gunshot was the fatal wound.



For more on Christine Gallegos and how her case ties into the murders of Lisa Strong and Carla Maxwell, Click Here 

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