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Spoiler Alerts Expire After a Week | Morning Show Podcast with Extras

Jon ruins “This Is Us” and carrots for everyone, Justin is a Central Perk man, and Jackson has a serial killer on his hands.

All this, plus a behind-the-scenes peek of what happens in the studio when the mics are off.

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Pop Up Video
Jackson had no idea what Pop Up Video was. Because he’s young and lyrics Genius is a thing.


Flintstone Parks
Regardless of what Jon and Justin say, Flintstone Parks were the greatest! I remember going to one in South Dakota as a kid, and it was the greatest thing of all time. There used to be Flintstone parks all around the country. However, with the waning interest in the once-popular cartoon and freeways pulling tourists off old highways, many of the parks have fallen into disrepair or abandonment. They’re still great.



Spoiler Alert
Jon “spoiled” the most recent episode of This Is Us. But, you know, it’s been a week. Is it really a spoiler after a week? Anywhoo… If you need to catch up, her’s the highlights.






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