Taylor Swift Sings About A ‘Crook Who Got Caught’ On New Song & Fans Think It’s Karlie Kloss

Taylor Swift continues to give fans gifts of music in 2021.

On Thursday (January 7th) Swift released two new songs, bonuses for her latest album, Evermore.

“Right Where You Left Me” and “It’s Time To Go”, have fans talking, especially lines that seem to refer to her former BFF, model Karlie Kloss and her former boss and head of Big Machine Records, Scott Borchetta.

On “It’s Time To Go” Taylor sings about leaving someone or something behind, “When the words of a sister, come back in whispers, that prove she was not, in fact, what she seemed,” Taylor sings in the first verse. “Not a twin from your dreams, she’s a crook who was caught.”

Swifties were quick to tie the lyric to Karlie Kloss, who has been absent from Taylor’s crew for the past few years and is managed by Scooter Braun.  As for “Right Where You Left Me” refers to Borchetta, “Fifteen years, fifteen million tears, begging til my knees bled,” Taylor sings. “I gave it my all, he gave me nothing at all, then wondered why I left. Now he sits on his throne, in his palace of bones, praying to his greed. He’s got my past, frozen behind glass, but I’ve got me.”

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