Jon And Chantel

Tea Guys | The Mix Morning Fix Podcast With Extras Nov. 28

Jon got into a car accident and lived to tell the tale, Justin is becoming a tea guy, and Jackson is obsessed with “My Big Fat Pet Makeover.”

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Show Extras

Katy Perry Kicks Girl In The Face
During the showbiz beat, Justin told the story of how Katy Perry kicked a beach ball right at a girl who was filming her Salt Lake City performance. It’s even funnier than you can imagine.


Social media overshares
We asked you to text us times that your Facebook friends had overshared. And yuck. Check out some of our favorites below or click here to see a longer list.




Zac Efron Boxer
Jackson has a new favorite show. It’s the Animal Planet reality series My Big Fat Pet Makeover. It’s all about fat animals losing weight and it’s the greatest thing of all time. He talked about an episode where they brought in skinnier, better looking boxer to compare to the fat boxer they were trying to help. A Zac Efron boxer if you will.


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