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It’s a 2-for-1 morning show podcast blog. The computers hated Jackson yesterday, so he had to post yesterday’s and today’s podcast here. Deal with it.


Jan 3rd: Jon’s kids tattled to their teachers on him, Justin tricks people into eating Chex Mix, and Jackson wants to throw Britney Spears a 20th anniversary party.

All this, plus Monroe joins us to talk about how horrible her husband’s Christmas presents were. 

Listen to “Frozen Sharks” on Spreaker.


Jan 2nd:  Jon spent Christmas with a potty bucket, Justin is on a 10-day diet, and Jackson found another reason to love Netflix.

Listen to “Taxidermy Ukulele” on Spreaker.


Wrap Your Car For Extra Cash
Jon talked about a site that will pay you to put an ad on your car. You can make up to $450 with Wrapify. Check them out here. (They are not a sponsor of the show nor do we endorse their services).


What Even is this Suit?
If you wanted to see the NYE Steve Harvey suit that Jon and Jackson were talking about… Here it is, but it’s really bad.


How Cold Is it? 
It’s Sharks-Freezing-To-Death-On-the-Beach cold. Check it out.


Jon is Obsessed With Demi’s Commercial
His argument: If you’re wearing athletic wear, why are you sitting on the couch?







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