The 20 Worst “Saturday Night Live” Hosts

There’s a lot of debate about ELON MUSK hosting “Saturday Night Live” tomorrow.  Some people think he’s a TERRIBLE choice . . . but others say he could be a GREAT change of pace.


“Rolling Stone” might be pessimistic about it . . . because COINCIDENTALLY they’ve just put out a rundown of the 20 WORST hosts in the history of “SNL”.  And some were so bad, that Lorne Michaels has tried to bury the episodes.


Here they are, along with an explanation of WHY they were bad.


1.  Steven Seagal, 1991.  He was terrible all-around . . . from his first interactions with the writers, to almost quitting mid-episode.


2.  Donald Trump, 2015.  It was mostly the timing.  He was beginning his presidential campaign, and had already become controversial.


3.  Frank Zappa, 1978.  He goofed on the cast and the show DURING the broadcast . . . making funny faces and ad-libbing comments about how fake it was.


4.  Milton Berle, 1979.  He clashed with the cast and crew . . . and then went off-script on live TV, telling long and offensive jokes.


5.  Tom Green, 2000.  He did a lot of his own schtick, which didn’t suit the show.


6.  Nancy Kerrigan, 1994.  She seemed to hate it, particularly because she was more famous for the Tonya Harding scandal than being an Olympic athlete.


7.  Michael Phelps, 2008.  He gets credit for being willing to look dopey, but he didn’t seem comfortable . . . and it was like he couldn’t wait for it to be over.


8.  Justin Bieber, 2013.  The show lacked preparation, because he was always surrounded by a big and fussy entourage.


9.  Paris Hilton, 2005.  Tina Fey once complained that Paris was “defiantly disengaged,” and acted as though everyone should be grateful she was there.


10.  Adrien Brody, 2003.  He was mostly famous for the serious Holocaust movie “The Pianist”, and tried TOO hard to be silly and “show off his range.”


11.  Martin Lawrence, 1994.  He basically got himself banned with a long, gross, and sexist routine about the importance of feminine hygiene.


12.  Andrew Dice Clay, 1990.  He came off as “tense, defensive, and mean.”


13.  Chevy Chase, 1997.  He was relentlessly abusive, and finally wore out his welcome when he hit Cheri Oteri in the head during a rehearsal.


14.  Louise Lasser, 1976.  She was in a rough state at the time . . . over-worked and embarrassed by a cocaine bust that happened not long before she hosted.  She was the star of a soap opera spoof called “Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman”.


15.  Lindsay Lohan, 2012.  She’d hosted before and was fine, but this one was a mess, because she was forced to joke about her own instability and mental health.


16.  January Jones, 2009.  She clearly wasn’t into sketch comedy.


17.  Ronda Rousey, 2016.  It wasn’t her fault.  There was a blizzard in New York that week, and the episode was just thrown together.


18.  Lance Armstrong, 2005.  He was riding high at the time, and he came off as cocky.  Now that we know he’s a cheat, it’s almost unwatchable.


19.  Rudy Giuliani, 1997.  “Rolling Stone” calls it “another example of a politician using the show to sell a phony version of himself.”


20.  George Steinbrenner, 1990.  He nixed the writers’ best ideas, and instead fumbled his way through skits that spoofed AND justified his reputation as a bully.

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