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The Five Most Fun Thing About Hogle Zoo’s ZooLights

BooLights returns for family-friendly Halloween fun

As a single, childless, adult man, I didn’t expect to have so much fun at Hogle Zoo’s ZooLights. I figured there would be critters (which I LOVE) and some lights… But there so much more to it! Here were my favorite things to do.

5) Crafts

One of the first things I bumped into while roaming the grounds was the craft station. Included with the price of admission, ZooLights has a fun, easy craft for all the kids. I even took a crack at it.


4) Guided Night Tour of the Small Animal Building

If you listen to the Mix Morning Fix often, you know how much I love animals. I am obsessed with critters of all shapes, sizes, and colors. It’s not very often that you get to see the nocturnal animals up and active. Luckily, BooLights is here! Hogle Zoo’s Eco-Explorers take you on a guided tour and show you some creatures of the night such as rattle snakes, bats, and porcupines. Get there early, though. The line closes at 7:30pm

3) Family-Friendly

There aren’t a lot of kid-friendly Halloween attractions. It’s all just haunted houses and horror movies. But ZooLights is totally different. There’s no gore, no violence, nothing too spooky… The train is even called the Not-So-Spooky Train Ride. Plus, it’s super affordable. $12.95/adult (non-member) and $9.95 for kids. Save even more with their Papa Murphy’s Pizza Deal. Buy a pizza and get a kid’s ticket free (with the purchase of an adult ticket. details here).  So you won’t break the bank taking the whole family.


2) The Animals

Get there early enough, and you get to see some really awesome stuff. As mentioned before, you get to see the nocturnal animals being a lot more active than usual. Plus, right around sunset, the lions get really riled up. Check it out for yourself.

Just remember that a lot of animals still have bedtimes. So even though the zoo is open later at night, the critters might decide to go to bed. And if it’s too cold out, they may be pulled off display. Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of awesome things to do!

1) The Lights!!

Looking at lights always felt like more of a Christmas activity… Until I went to BooLights! There were so many amazing displays including a singing pumpkin band, witch’s house, giant pirate skeletons, this pumpkin lion

and my personal favorite: THE CROCODILE



With only four more nights, you gotta get over to the Hogle Zoo! Check out all the things from our Instagram Story Below

Presented by Utah’s Hogle Zoo
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