The Hemsworth Brothers Want To Do An Action Comedy Together

Chris and Liam Hemsworth have never worked together on-screen, but they would love to.

Speaking to Men’s Health, Liam said, “I really look up to my brother Chris. I’ve worked with a lot of people that have been in really great positions in the past 11 years, and Chris has a stronger work ethic than most. He’s so focused.”

Liam continued, “I’m thankful that I have him and am able to use his resources and his knowledge. I call him all the time about scripts and get his opinion. ‘Should I do this? Should I do that?’ We’re looking to do a film this year together, which is like a big action-comedy thing.”

Even though the interviewer was trying to avoid asking Liam questions about Chris, Liam replied, “I love my brother Chris. I don’t mind talking about him.”

What kind of film would you like to see them do?

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