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The most attractive Bachelors in franchise history

A new study shows the most attractive Bachelors in franchise history ranked.

The study conducted by online casino expert’s analyzed each Bachelor from every season by using the Golden Ratio theory to find out how attractive each Bachelor is. The Ancient Greek theory considers the width and height dimensions of the face to determine what is to be the “perfect” structure and, therefore, the most attractive. The score is calculated using the popular beauty measuring app Golden Ratio Face. Each Bachelors portrait was processed by the app and given a score out of 10, with the higher the score meaning, the more attractive they are.

Coming in at number one for the most attractive Bachelor of all time is Brad Womack scoring an 8.54. Womack, an entrepreneur from Livingston, Texas, is the only contestant to be the Bachelor twice after rejecting both finalists in season 11. He then returned in season 15 and proposed to Emily Maynard; however, their breakup followed in June 2011.



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Ranking in at second spot is U.S. Navy officer Andy Baldwin with a score of 7.32. Baldwin from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was featured on season 10 and got engaged to Tessa Horst at the finale but later called off the engagement in June 2007.


Byron Velvick from season 6 comes in closely at third with a score of 7.23. The U.S. U.S. Open Champion Fisherman from Downey, California, got engaged at the finale in 2004 to Mary Delgado but split after five years together. Since being on the show, he has worked as a commentator for ESPN2’s BassCenter and appeared on the ESPN series Going Coastal.


In fourth place is former professional soccer player Juan Pablo Galavis who scored 7.11. Galavis is from season 18 and gave then-26-year-old Nikki Ferrell his final rose. However, he did not propose to the paediatric nurse but agreed to just date before ending the relationship seven months later.


Race car driver Arie Luyendyk Jr. ranks fifth with a score of 7.1. He was on season 22 and, in the finale, got engaged to Becca Kufrin. It was revealed a few weeks after that he decided to call it off and started dating the runner-up, Lauren Burnham. Luyendyk and Burnham got engaged during the After the Final Rose special and have been married since January 12th, 2019, and have had three children together.


Ranking sixth place is winemaker Ben Flajnik, just 0.06 points behind Luyendyk with a score of 7.04. Flajnik is from season 16 and, in the finale, got engaged to Courtney Robertson. The pair broke up whilst the show aired and then proceeded to get engaged for a second time before breaking up again in October 2012.


In seventh place is winery heir Andrew Firestone from season 3, who scored 6.89. Firestone got engaged to Jen Schefft but broke up months later in December 2003.


With a score of 6.48, Alex Michel from season 1 grabs the eighth spot. Michel was the first to hand out roses on the ABC reality show and gave his final rose to Amanda Marsh. The pair broke up after nearly dated for a year.


The ninth spot belongs to season 25’s Bachelor Matt James, who is based in New York City. James scored 6.6 and was the franchise’s first-ever black Bachelor. James did not propose at the end to Rachael Kirkconnell but instead began a relationship. After a brief break-up after the show, the pair have remained together.


Finally, the last person to make it into the top ten is software salesman Ben Higgins, with just a 0.01 score difference to ninth place is Ben Higgins. Ben starred in season 20 and picked winner Lauren Bushnell which even led off to its own spin-off show after the Batchelor, called “Ben & Lauren: Happily, Ever After?”.  However, the pair ended their relationship in 2017.

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