There’s a New Show That Will Help You Prepare to Die

There’s a new unscripted series called “The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning”, and it’s in the works at Peacock.  There’s no word when it’ll debut.


It’s based on a book of the same name by Margareta Magnusson . . . which has been described as, quote, “a primer on how to winnow your belongings before you die, so you don’t burden your family.”


Which sounds like sort of a “Queer Eye” or Marie Kondo. . . but for the terminally ill???


Even though the star of the show carries the title of SWEDISH DEATH CLEANER, it probably won’t be too morbid.


Peacock says it will help people, quote, “organize and demystify their homes, lives and relationships,” so that they can “prepare for death while [enjoying] life.”

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