Todrick Hall Praises Taylor Swift For Using Her Platform

Actor, singer, and choreographer Todrick Hall spoke with ET! about Taylor Swift and her move to use her platform to call for social justice.

Hall says he knew how Taylor felt on her opinions with things like LGBTQ rights and the rights of Black Americans. “It’s really, really awesome to see her using her voice, because the sad truth is, her being a white person with blonde hair and blue eyes saying this in this world right now holds a lot of weight to a lot of people who feel very differently than she might,” says Hall.

Hall praised Taylor for using her platform to uplift others and to get the attention of people’s hearts and minds who don’t think as she does.

“That’s very rare to find in a human being, but even more rare to find in a superstar who has everything at her disposal. She could use every dime that she has to buy more houses and a bazillion cars and do things to uplift herself. And she is constantly waking up every day doing things to uplift other people.”

What do you think of celebrities using their voices and platforms to bring awareness to social injustices?

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