Tom Cruise Banned Kyra Sedgwick from His House After She Pushed the Panic Button?

KYRA SEDGWICK was on “The Drew Barrymore Show” yesterday, and it was awkward . . . like every interview on that show.


But Kyra also told a story about why she’s BANNED from TOM CRUISE’s house.  Maybe not officially . . . but she was invited once, and she’s never been asked back.


She and her husband KEVIN BACON went there for dinner 30 years ago.


At one point, she wandered over to the fireplace, and noticed that there was a BUTTON under the mantle.  She pushed it . . . because she “thought something interesting might happen.”  But nothing happened.


So, she got nervous.  She told Tom that she pushed the button . . . and he told her it was the PANIC BUTTON.


The cops came . . . and interrupted a screening Tom was having.  It doesn’t sound like Tom said anything else to Kyra, but she’s never been back to his place

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