Weird Things Weird Kids Wanted to Be For Halloween

trick or treat animated GIF

Lots of kids know what they want to be for Halloween.

Nugget knew in February he wanted to be a ninja. Last year it was Batman’s turn. Even Bean who is 2 this year knows he wants to be a pirate.

bn But what do you do when you kid throws throws you a curveball? Wants to be something out of the ordinary?

Check out some of these kid costume demands!

1. Platypus, no not Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb. A regular Platypus.

video animated GIF

2. Ebola… well, it IS pretty scary

ebola animated GIF

3. Chicken Nuggets. Why?

80s animated GIF

See the rest here: Weird Things Kids Wanted to Be for Halloween



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