YouTube Influencer Pretended to Be on a Luxurious Trip

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Fake Trip for the Gram? Learn How to do it

While Shooting at Ikea, YouTuber Natalia Taylor played a prank on her over 200,000 followers as she pretended to be on a luxurious trip in Bali. However, she really took a trip to her local Ikea. Taylor posted a video of what looks like her posing in various luxurious locations. “The point of this video is to show how easy it is to trick people into thinking you’re someone you’re not,” Taylor said in a YouTube video revealing the prank. “And immediately, people started buying it.” Watch the video below:

Some of her followers were quick to see the Easter eggs she had left in the video, but others were a little slower at finding out she was pranking them. Her message: “Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet.” How do you spot an influencer who may be faking it for the gram? Have you ever set up an Instagram “lie?”

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