Ariana Grande Celebrates a Decade with Yours Truly Special Edition

Ariana Grande Yours Truly Reissue
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Yours Truly Turns 10: Ariana Grande’s Musical Milestone

Ariana Grande, the pop sensation who has taken the world by storm, is set to commemorate the 10th anniversary of her groundbreaking debut album, Yours Truly. This special edition is not just a nod to her beginnings but a testament to her evolution as an artist.

Deluxe Edition Drops This Week

Mark your calendars! The enhanced 10th-anniversary edition of Yours Truly will be released digitally on August 25 through Republic. For vinyl enthusiasts, the pre-order begins on August 28. Ariana took to Instagram Reel to share this exciting news, where fans were treated to nostalgic clips of the singer’s illustrious ten-year journey. Relive one of the more memorable singles from the project, featuring the legendary Mac Miller and a sample from Big Pun’s “Still Not a Player”

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A Glimpse into the Special Features

Ariana, always one to connect with her fans, shared more details on her Instagram stories. The deluxe edition promises an auditory treat with “the Live from London” recordings and revamped versions of the tracks from Yours Truly. “I’m thrilled for everyone to experience them,” expressed Ariana, emphasizing this project’s therapeutic and unique nature.

A Week of Celebrations

But that’s not all! Ariana has planned an entire week dedicated to celebrating the 10th anniversary of Yours Truly. Fans can look forward to exclusive merchandise, interactive Q&A sessions, and live performances. The detailed schedule for these events can be found in her Instagram Reel found below:


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A Look Back at Recent Achievements

While Yours Truly marked the beginning, Ariana’s journey has been filled with numerous milestones. Her most recent album, Positions, made waves in 2020. The following year, she collaborated with the Weeknd on a remix of “Die for You:”

She also teamed up with Kid Cudi for “Just Look Up,” among other notable projects.

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