Billie Eilish Premieres “Lunch” Live on Colbert

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Colbert Hosts Eilish’s Stunning “Lunch” Performance

A Feast for the Eyes and Ears: “Lunch” on Colbert

Billie Eilish made waves on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night with a live rendition of her latest single “Lunch.” The performance, which featured her brother and frequent collaborator Finneas, alongside a full backing band, showcased Eilish’s signature blend of haunting vocals and emotive presence. This single is part of her newest album, Hit Me Hard and Soft. Watch the performance below. And catch the song on Mix 105.1

Diving Deep: Eilish Discusses New Album on Colbert

In addition to her performance, Eilish sat down for a candid interview with Stephen Colbert. The conversation spanned various topics, including the creation of her new album, the inspiration behind its cover art, and her musical upbringing. Eilish shared anecdotes from her childhood, emphasizing how being surrounded by music from a young age has shaped her artistic journey. Listen to the interview here.

New Music for the Dance Floor: “L’Amour de Ma Vie (Over Now Extended Edit)”

Eilish also surprised fans by dropping an extended edit of “L’Amour de Ma Vie,” a track from Hit Me Hard and Soft. Titled “L’Amour de Ma Vie (Over Now Extended Edit),” this version is tailored for the dance floor, boasting 1980s-inspired instrumentation, a quicker tempo, and Eilish’s vocals processed through a vocoder. Eilish described this remix as a gift for fans who love to dance, infusing a nostalgic yet fresh sound into the track.

The Journey Continues: Eilish’s Upcoming Tour

Hit Me Hard and Soft marks Eilish’s third studio album and her first in three years, following 2021’s Happier Than Ever. Notably, Eilish chose an unconventional route by foregoing the typical promotional cycle and not releasing any singles prior to the album drop. Despite this, the album has been met with critical acclaim and fan enthusiasm. The music video for “Lunch” remains the sole visual representation from the album so far.

Fans can look forward to experiencing Eilish’s new music live as she embarks on a global tour this autumn. The extensive tour will take her across North America, Europe, and Australia, promising electrifying performances that highlight her latest musical evolution. Unfortunately, there are no Utah dates as of now.

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