Charlie Sheen Thinks the Moon is Hollow?

ROB LOWE and his sons did a panel for their new A&E show “The Lowe Files”, where they investigate mysterious stuff like Bigfoot and ghosts.  And they revealed something interesting, but maybe not too surprising.

CHARLIE SHEEN thinks the moon is hollow.  It came up because Rob’s sons said that Rob and one of his “famous friends” believed it.  Then Rob clarified that the friend was Charlie, and that it was only Charlie who believed it.

One of Rob’s sons said Charlie had some, quote, “pretty good talking points.”

Rob also admitted that during the course of the show, he communicated with a ghost.  Quote, “It was through the ovilus.  There is this device you use that can translate . . . spirits can talk through this device.

“Don’t ask me how; don’t ask me the science.”

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