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Macaulay Culkin death hoax: I’m alive, spending Weekend at Bernie’s

After the internet became hyper-excited over the hoax report claiming Macaulay Culkin was dead, the actor and musician took to social media to demonstrate he is very much alive and spending his time ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’-style. Get the full story here.

Performing last night at the Belmont, Bernie style @funfunfunfest #imalive

A photo posted by The Pizza Underground (@cheesedayz) on

Dennis Rodman Believes He Helped Secure the Release of Prisoners from North Korea

Dennis Rodman thinks he helped get those two Americans released from North Korea this weekend, thanks to a letter he wrote to Kim Jong Un after one of his trips there. In the letter, he asked Kim to release one of the men to, quote “show my country how loving and compassionate you and [your country] can be.” Get the full story here.

Casey Kasem’s Widow’s Trying to Get His Body to Decompose

The body of radio legend Casey Kasem is reportedly decomposing in a morgue in Norway . . . and his kids say that’s exactly what his widow JEAN wants to happen. They say Jean hasn’t even had Casey embalmed.  She just wants him to rot away until there’s nothing left to autopsy.  That way, the kids can’t prove their claim that Casey died of elder abuse while in her care. Get the full story here.

Andy Dick Committed Grand Theft . . . While Riding a Bicycle

Andy was biking in Hollywood when he saw a guy with a sweet necklace.  So he stopped and asked the guy if he could see it. The man recognized Andy, so he took off his chain and handed it to him . . . and Andy proceeded to ride off with it.  The man reported the theft, and police caught up to Andy just before midnight on Friday. Get the full story here.

Frank Ocean Screwed Out of Name Change After Extreme Speeding

Frank’s real name is Christopher Breaux, but back on March 7th he applied to legally change to his stage name. Only problem is he got 3 tickets in 3 months.His license has been suspended a couple of time for skipping court dates — so the judge denied the name change request until he cleans up his driving record. Once that’s done, he’ll have to reapply. Get the full story here.

Bono leaps to Spotify’s defense

In an apparent response to Taylor Swift leaving Spotify, Bono defends the service. He says, quote, “It’s an experimental period, let’s see what works.” He says artists should be paid more, and there should be more transparency in the business, but he says he’d be excited about streaming services if he were a kid starting a band today. Get the full story here.


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