From Bling to Baby: Drake’s Latest Role ft. SZA

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Drake, SZA, and Sexyy Red Star in “Rich Baby Daddy” Video

Drake, SZA, and Sexyy Red released the music video for “Rich Baby Daddy.” This isn’t your average music video. It kicks off with a home movie vibe, showing the trio celebrating the holidays. Drake takes on the role of cameraman and “rich baby daddy,” showering praise on his “wife,” Sexyy Red.

The festivities take an unexpected turn when Sexyy Red’s water breaks, leading to a hilariously frantic rush to the hospital. SZA’s deadpan reaction to Drake’s continuous filming, “Are you fucking dumb?” is a standout moment, showcasing her impeccable timing and delivery. Watch the video below.

When the Beat Drops…So Does the Baby

The video seamlessly blends humor with the reality of an impending birth, capturing the rush to the hospital with a sense of urgency and excitement. The celebration continues unabated, even in the face of such a life-changing event. It culminates in a touching finale, featuring a post-birth photo of Sexyy Red with the caption “Congratulations Red!!! We love you.”

More on Drake

Rich Baby Daddy is the latest track from Drake’s For All the Dogs album to receive the video treatment. Following the release of visuals for “Polar Opposites” (or listen below). and collaborations with stars like Morgan Wallen, J. Cole, and Lil Yachty, this video stands out for its creative storytelling and real-life inspired plot.

In conclusion, the Rich Baby Daddy video offers a unique take on the anticipation and celebration surrounding the arrival of new life, all while maintaining a light-hearted and comedic tone.

Drake, SZA, and Sexyy Red have delivered a memorable addition to the hip-hop video landscape, proving once again their versatility and creativity as artists. Check out more from in a ranking of SZA’s best songs. Get more granular with a ranking of the best songs on CTRL, featured on 92.5 The Beat. 


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