Get Yourself A Keytar | The Mix Morning Fix Podcast With Extras Dec. 6th

Jon’s wife won’t let him have a dog, Justin uses profanity, and Jackson’s neighborhood is infested with giant raccoons.

All this, plus we introduce you to the cutest puppy dog in the whole world. Part of Mark Miller Subaru’s Share the Love Event.

Listen to “12-06-2017” on Spreaker.

Show Extras

Suba Bleu’s 12 Strays of Christmas 
Every day for 12 days, we’re featuring a new homeless pet for you to take home. Meet Daisy Duck! If you want to take her home, get ahold of Nuzzles and Co.

Huge thanks to Mark Miller Subaru for making this all possible.


Yoga Doesn’t End Well
Even though Jackson’s Choose the News story didn’t get picked, he thought it was important that you see the video behind it. And since he writes the show blog, here it is:

Tell Me You Love Me
Jon mentioned the music video for Demi Lovato’s Tell Me You Love Me  during Utah’s Most Wanted. It features Dr. Avery Jackson in all of his sexiness. Check it out below.


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