How a Scientific Discussion About Snake Farts Turned Into a Book

Do snakes fart? 

That’s the question Twitter user Dani Rabaiotti had last year for ecologist David Steen, Ph.D. 

Based on his response, it’s clear that he’s gotten this question many times before. 

Yes, snakes do fart. 🐍 🌬

But of course, this simple answer brought some follow-up questions. 

Snakes fart. More importantly, they fart just like us. 


While we wish Dr. Steen would expand more on the topic, he put an end to it pretty quickly.

Luckily, the conversation continued yesterday when Dani published a children’s book.

Does it Fart? is a book Dani co-authored after her exchange with Dr. Steen. It hit shelves yesterday and TBH, I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. 

Dani was also gracious enough to share a little preivew


So yes, we know that snakes fart, mammals fart, birds don’t… But we have no idea about spiders. 




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