Ice Spice Drops a Chilly Banger with Rema: “Pretty Girl”

Ice Spice
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Rema & Ice Spice: When Afro-Rave Meets Bronx Chill

Ice Spice has sprinkled some frosty magic on our playlists. Teaming up with Nigeria’s “Afro-rave” sensation, Rema, they’ve dropped the cool new track “Pretty Girl.”

The dynamic duo had been dropping hints like breadcrumbs on X (you know, the platform formerly known as Twitter). In her classic icy style, Ice Spice teased, “Pretty girl ft rema this friday.” Rema, not one to be left out in the cold, reposted with, “Okay icy ❄️.” Listen below.

Ice Spice on SNL: A Performance Worth its Weight in Snowflakes

But wait, there’s more. Ice Spice is turning up the heat (or should we say, cooling things down?) on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ She performs tomorrow as the musical guest for the premiere of its 49th season, with Pete Davidson set to host.

Collaborations Galore: Ice Spice’s Year in Review

Ice Spice’s collaboration spree doesn’t end there. Who could forget her collab with Nicki Minaj for “Barbie World”? Plus, she teamed up with Taylor Swift for “Karma (Remix).”

The Scarlet Tour: Ice Spice and Doja Cat’s Icy-hot Combo

Later this month, Ice Spice is joining forces with Doja Cat for the Scarlet Tour. This comes after the release of her deluxe edition of “Like..? EP”. And let’s not forget her hit single “Deli,” which climbed up to No. 41 on the Hot 100.

So, if you want to chill out with some fresh tunes, Ice Spice and her new track “Pretty Girl” with Rema is the perfect icy treat. Listen below:

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