John Legend Releases “Don’t Need To Sleep”

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John Legend: A New Anthem for Dreams “Don’t Need to Sleep”

John Legend unveiled his latest single, “Don’t Need To Sleep.” This track, a collaboration with Justin Tranter and producer Oak Felder, serves as a musical backdrop for the documentary ‘We Dare To Dream.’ This film highlights the journey of a refugee team participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Fans can stream the ‘We Dare To Dream Soundtrack,’ featuring this single, on all major digital platforms.

The Creative Minds Behind the Music

Justin Tranter has worked with various artists, contributing to numerous hits. Oak Felder, another key collaborator, is known for his production skills, shaping the sound of modern music. Their combined expertise with John Legend’s soulful voice has resulted in a powerful and inspiring track.

The Inspiration: ‘We Dare To Dream’

The documentary ‘We Dare To Dream’ focuses on a refugee team’s aspirations and challenges at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The Olympics saw the inclusion of a refugee team, symbolizing hope and resilience. This documentary and its soundtrack, including “Don’t Need To Sleep,” aim to capture the spirit and determination of these athletes.

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