Missed your chance to try McDonald’s Szechuan sauce? Don’t worry. It’ll be back.

McDonald’s found themselves in some boiling hot water yesterday after their Rick and Morty Szechuan sauce promotion fell flat on it’s face.


Hundreds (possibly thousands) of Rick and Morty fans waited hours in line to try the sauce after McDonald’s brought it back for a one-day only run.


But twitter users claim that the locations running the promo only had a few sauce packs on hand. Some saying their location had only 20 packets to begin with.


There was crying…




And an awful lot of PO’d fans…

But never fear. McDonald’s is bringing it back (in which I can only assume is an attempt to extinguish any further rioting or vandalism of their stores).

A lesson to any other fast-food chain: never underestimate the the lengths a bunch of millennials will go to for their favorite cartoon.

ICYMI: The popular Adult Swim cartoon made reference to this long-discontinued sauce in their season 3 premier. The sauce was a limited run recipe made to promote the 1998 release of Disney’s Mulan. Check out the clip below.

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