Science Proves Women Hold Grudges and Stay Angry Longer Than Men

Next time you’re in an argument with your wife, make sure to bring this up. I’m sure she’ll love it.

A new study just proved women hold grudges and stay angry longer than men.

Researchers at Harvard studied videos of sports like tennis and boxing from 44 different countries to see how men and women interacted with their opponents after a match.

And they found the men were much friendlier with each other afterwards. And they were much more likely to have, quote, “peaceful” contact like a handshake or a hug.

The researchers say there’s an evolutionary reason why men are quicker at forgiving than women. Men originally had to work together to hunt or defend their tribe . . . while the women just took care of and defended their own family.

So men had to get over fights quicker to survive . . . and women had to hold grudges longer and be less trusting, also to survive.




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