Jon And Chantel

Spaghetti Nachos

Jon is not allowed to send sexy photos, Monroe has some seriously weird cravings, and Jackson just wants everyone to love ‘Hoarders’ as much as he does. 

Hear it all on our podcast: 

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Oscar Nominations


Pocket Full of Sunshine:

Diego single-handedly saved his species after having 800 babies! Check out his photo below:


Cricket the dog is lucky to be alive after a hawk snatched him away!



Hey Dummy! 

You can always count on Family Feud to serve up a healthy dose of embarrassment.


There’s bad photoshop… and then there’s whatever this is.


Spray the Walls

Looking back on one of Jackson’s most horrifying stories. Check it out in the podcast extra below (fast forward to 84:41)

Listen to “Spray the Walls” on Spreaker.


Jojo Rabbit Trailer

Nominated for best picture, the three of us had never heard of Jojo Rabbit. Check out the trailer below.



Jackson’s Hoarders Video

There are no words. Just watch for yourself (if you can stomach it)

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