Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Guy Tells the Cops Everything in His Car Belongs to Him “Except For Anything Illegal”

Here’s a strategy to file away in case you’re ever pulled over with a bunch of contraband in your car, whether it’s drugs, guns, human organs, black market panda bears, whatever. 54-year-old Robert Pursley of Mary Esther, Florida was pulled over a few weeks ago for swerving.  He was arrested for a DUI, and the cops started doing inventory on the stuff in his car before it was towed. Robert knew there was cocaine in the car, but he was ready.  According to the police report, he told the cops that everything in the car belonged to him . . . quote, “except for anything illegal.” For some reason, they still blamed him for the cocaine, I mean, he told them it wasn’t his.  It seems totally unfair to blame him. He’s been charged with driving under the influence, failure to drive within a single lane, and possession of cocaine. Get the full story here.

Dried Out Christmas Tree Catches Fire, Sends to ER… in March…

If this isn’t going to convince you to throw out your Christmas Tree in a timely fashion, nothing will… A fire in Seattle left a man with critical injuries, and nearly destroyed his home. Officials say the fire was determined to be accidental, a dried Christmas tree was too close to a fireplace. Yes, it’s March, and this guy still had his Christmas tree up. Damages were estimated to be $150,000 loss to the structure, and $10,000 loss to contents. The man was critically injured with burns and smoke inhalation. Take out your Christmas trees, they really are a fire hazard! Get the full story here.


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