Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Man Speeding Through School Zone Had a Meth Lab in His Trunk

Deputies monitoring speeds in a school zone in Mossy Head, FL ended up finding a mobile meth lab after pulling over a driver for going 11 mph over the limit. Deputies stopped the car after the driver sped through the school zone. As he pulled off into a nearby gas station, the Deputies called for backup and a canine. The dog detected narcotics, and a search of the Pontiac Grand Prix revealed an active meth lab in the trunk. Sheriff Mike Adkinson said his goal by placing deputies near the schools at the start and end of the day was to raise awareness about reduced speeds in those hours.
“Slow down,” he said. “Just slow down.”

Angry Driver Rams a Car with Stolen Plates into a WVC Home

A car smashed through a fence and into a house but the driver said it’s not his fault. The driver and a passenger told police that they were driving along the street when a truck began ramming their car off the road. The victim s say that they know the driver and believe he was upset with them. Police said the truck rammed the car twice on the road which caused them to lose control, they went off road, through a fence and into a house. The twist in the story is this: “The victim’s vehicle actually had stolen plates on it, so the victim, he’s going to get charged also, so it’s kind of an interesting case to say the least. The vehicle itself is not stolen, it’s registered to one of the victims and the main suspect on the other case, we’re still trying to find out where he’s at and looking for him,” WVC Police Lt. Conger said. Police said they do have an idea of who the driver is and if they find him, he will be facing felony charges. Luckily nobody inside the home was hurt but the two victims had minor injuries. Get more here.

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