Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Woman Hires a Hitman to Kill the Person Who Gave Lice to Her Grandkids

When a kid comes home with lice, it’s natural to want to track down the person who gave it to them. But this seems like a slight overreaction. 50-year-old Pamela Vanorsdale of New Smyrna Beach, Florida was furious last week when her grandchildren came home with lice. And she knew who to blame: 22-year-old Dylan Loveless, a homeless guy that was dating her daughter. So naturally, she called up a hitman to kill him. That hitman happened to be her daughter’s ex husband and the father of the kids, 33-year-old Daniel Dionne. She told Daniel she could give him a gun, and suggested dumping Dylan’s body in South Carolina. But Daniel told the cops, and Pamela was just arrested for criminal solicitation to commit murder. Now she’s telling the police it was all a joke. Get more here.

Burglars Found Sleeping In Homeowners Garage

Police in Pennsylvania found a couple asleep in a garage with the light on after a homeowner reported a burglary. They found the couple early Saturday, shortly after the homeowner called them. The homeowner had gone downstairs and found a glass jar containing cash missing, some furniture moved and cabinets opened. She also found her safe on the back porch, her purse missing and her basement door forced open. They found the sleeping intruders after noticing the garage light was on. Twenty-one-year-old Spencer Peak faces burglary and other charges, but the woman that was with him has not been charged. Get more here.


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