Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Two Women Steal a TV From Walmart, Then Change Clothes and Steal Another One

Two criminals in Connecticut made a bet that their clothes were more memorable than their faces. And even though that’s not a great statement on their self-esteem, they sure were right. Two women went into a Walmart in Waterford, Connecticut on Saturday and put a 40-inch TV in their cart. They managed to take the security device off of it and walked out with it. But they didn’t speed away. After they got it in their car, they changed clothes, went back inside, and stole another TV the exact same way. The security guards clearly didn’t recognize them the second time, because they also managed to walk out with no problem. The police have surveillance footage of them . . . in both outfits . . . and they’re trying to track them down. Get more here.

Man Throws Bottle of Urine at Police

Police were trying to contact Alfonsa Loftin at his home in West Palm Beach, FL. when they found him barricaded inside the home. As deputies tried to handcuff Alfonsa, he attempted to resist arrest by kicking and flailing his arms, then he threw an open 1-liter bottle of urine at the deputies to evade arrest and grabbed a K-9 officer by the head. He is being charged with two counts of aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer and two counts of resisting arrest with violence. Get more here.

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