Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Phoenix Suspect Demands Milk & Jelly Donuts to Resolve Standoff

Phoenix Police were chasing a shoplifter when he fled to the rooftop of a Motel 6. Police had him surrounded, but the suspect wouldn’t come down. Then he made a demand, if they wanted him to come down, they had to bring him milk and three powdered sugar jelly doughnuts. He had a warrant out for a parole violation and he knew he was going away for a while, so he wanted a treat. The manager of the Dunkin’ Donuts around the corner was happy to help end the standoff.  “I felt bad for the guy,” said the manager, Jonathan Kendall. “So, I’d make what ever he needed and I got a coffee and doughnut for him. I thought well ya, I mean the guy is going to jail. I’ll make the special doughnuts for him.” The suspect surrendered to police without incident after he got his donuts. Get more here.

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