Stupid Is, Stupid Does


A Guy Posts on Facebook About a Plan to Smuggle His Criminal Dwarf Friend in a Suitcase

36-year-old Doru Apetrei is a Romanian guy living in England.  And he’s friends with another Romanian guy there, a 38-inch-tall dwarf. Well, ever since the dwarf got to the U.K., he’s been getting himself into all sorts of trouble.  He broke into a gas station, robbed a few houses, and now he wants to get out of the country before the cops catch him. So Doru had a flight scheduled back to Romania last week and came up with a plan:  He’d put his dwarf buddy in a suitcase and check his baggage. And after they hatched the plan, Doru decided to post about it on Facebook.  He posted it in a group for Romanians in the U.K. and asked, quote, “Is there any risk of me getting caught?  And if so, what can happen to me?” He got a bunch of responses, most of which were people calling him an idiot.  He wound up deleting the post, but the police got a copy, and now they’re investigating him and the dwarf. Get the full story here.

A Man Tries to Rob a Woman at an ATM, Turns Out It’s a Stamp Vending Machine

28-year-old Damian Vazquez of Muhlenberg Township, Pennsylvania went into a post office on Tuesday night and thought he saw an old woman taking money out of an ATM. Now, you and I both know you don’t really see ATMs inside of post offices.  But Damian isn’t quite as savvy as us. So he went up to the woman and demanded all the cash she was taking out. She tried to explain it wasn’t an ATM, it was a stamp vending machine.  She said she didn’t have any money, just some stamps, and that’s when he pulled a knife.  She screamed, and he ran. The cops tracked him down hiding behind a dumpster nearby, and he was arrested for robbery and theft by unlawful taking. Get the full story here.

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