Stupid Is, Stupid Does

A Guy Jumps in a Cop Car to Steal It,  And Sits on a Cop’s Lap

29-year-old David Boulet was hanging around outside a motel in Tacoma, Washington last week, when a cop drove by and thought he looked suspicious. And when the cop checked David’s license plates, he found the car was stolen. So David took off running. He ran through traffic in both directions on a highway, and then thought he had his solution. There was a cop car parked on an overpass that was still running, with its lights on. So David assumed the cops had gotten out to help chase him, opened the door, and hopped in to the driver’s seat to drive away. Only the cops weren’t out running after him, they were still inside the car. So David wound up sitting on a cop’s lap. Obviously, he was arrested. Get more here.

Drunk Woman Driving Erratically on 3 Tires

Police in Cleveland were patrolling when they spotted a car with no headlights and only three functioning tires, driving erratically. One of the front tires was missing, and the driver was driving on the rim. When police stopped the car, the woman driving had dried blood all over herself and her vehicle, and she stank of alcohol. When they asked her about the damage to her car was old and from last summer, and that she lost the tire “at some point” that day. That’s when her cooperation ran out, and she started resisting arrest. She was transported to the hospital where she continued resisting, screaming and trying to break free of the handcuffs.  She was cited for driving an unsafe car, driving without the car’s headlights on, driving under suspension and driving while intoxicated. Get more here.

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