Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Customers Trashed a Pizzeria Because the Garlic Knots had Cheese on Them

Oh Florida, you’re the state that just keeps giving! We wouldn’t have Stupid Is, Stupid Does without you! This time, the stupid revolves around Garlic Knots. Delicious cheesy, garlic-y pieces of heaven! But apparently Jessica Conti thinks cheese shouldn’t be on garlic knots! This is our first clue that she’s stupid. She furiously demanded her money back, and the manager gave it to her. But she didn’t like his tone! So logically she rallied her posse and they came back to the restaurant and trashed the place. Because of cheese… The police caught up with and all 4 were arrested. They’re being charged with criminal mischief and burglary. Oh yeah, and Stupid Is, Stupid Does! Get more here.

A Guy Stole a City Bus Because He Was Running Late for Work

There’s a 31-year-old guy named Gregory Jennrich who works as a mechanic for the Metro system in St. Paul, Minnesota. And last Wednesday, he stopped at a gas station on his way to work. But he accidentally locked his keys in his car. And instead of just calling in to let his boss know he’d be late, he stole a city bus idling nearby. Yeah, we’re thinking he’s one of those people who shows up late a lot. If you usually get to work on time, it’s not a big deal when you show up late. Especially if you have a decent excuse. The bus was parked at the same gas station, and no one was on it. The driver had left it running while she went in to buy something. So Greg hopped in and took off. Unfortunately it had a GPS tracker in it. Which Greg probably should have known about. So the cops pulled him over on the highway eight minutes later. A spokesman says they’ll be “exploring his employment” over the next few weeks, a.k.a., they’re canning him. He’s also facing up to five years in jail for felony auto theft. Get more here.


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