Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Woman Arrested for Cardboard License Plate

28-year-old Amanda Schweickert, of New York, wanted to drive, but her license was suspended, her car wasn’t licensed and she had no insurance. But Amanda has a creative streak, so she though she could make her own license plate, so convincing that it would fool police, and she’d never be pulled over! Unfortunately Amanda is no artist and no one was fooled, she was pulled over and arrested. She now faces charges of possession of a forged instrument, driving with a suspended registration and three traffic offenses. Get more here.

A Man Trying to Burn a Love Letter From His Ex Sets a Playground on Fire

Ah, remember being 18 and actually having emotions and passions so strong they could get you in trouble? 18-year-old Robert Yaskell and 18-year-old Riley Borello-Poythress of Anchorage, Alaska were looking for a place to set a love letter on fire on Monday night, and they picked a playground outside of an elementary school. The love letter was from an ex-girlfriend. We’re not sure which one of them she dumped, but he was clearly torn up about it and his friend was along for the ride. So they set the letter on fire, and then left. But they didn’t realize the playground was covered in rubber mulch, which caught on fire once they were gone. It took the fire department half an hour to put it out, and the fire did about $21,000 in damage and destroyed two pieces of playground equipment. Robert and Riley were arrested and charged with felony criminal mischief, plus misdemeanor criminally negligent burning and failing to report or control a fire. Get more here.


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