Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Couple Pulls Gun Over Wrong Wing Order

Clarissa and Rasheem Gagum love them some wings! Who doesn’t, really? So they went out to FU Wangz to get some wings last night. They placed their order, but when it came out it was wrong. They wanted regular wings, but they were given boneless wings. Most people would flag down their server and tell them about the mix up. These things happen in restaurants, and they’re usually very good at fixing them, sometimes they’ll even comp you a dessert! But Clarissa and Rasheem are absolute psychos. So how did they deal with the issue? Why the pulled out a gun and started threatening people, of course! The police were called and the couple was subdued without any shots fired. They’re facing serious criminal charges. Get more here.

A Guy on Chewing Crack Told Cops Tried to Claim it was A Jolly Rancher

During a routine traffic stop in Gainsville, FL an officer found something he wasn’t looking for. He pulled the vehicle over for a traffic violation, but when he got to the window he noticed that the passenger was chewing on something. There was a white powdery substance on his shirt and lap, so the officer asked him what he was chewing on. The man claimed it was a Jolly Rancher, but those are not generally white and powdery. It wasn’t a Jolly Rancher, it was crack. Had he just left it in his pocket, he probably would have gotten away, but he chose to eat it, because drugs make you stupid. He was arrested. Get more here.



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