Stupid Is, Stupid Does

Cops Search a Guy’s House and Can’t Find Him, Until He Posts His Hiding Place on Snapchat

Police in Fairfield, Maine spent weeks trying to track down a 24-year-old named Christopher Wallace, who stole a bunch of stuff from a campsite back in January.  Then Sunday night, he sent a Snapchat to his friends saying he was at his house. At least two of those friends reported it to the cops, who showed up and searched the place, but couldn’t find him. But while they were there, he sent another Snapchat, bragging that the cops couldn’t find him, because he picked a great hiding spot in a kitchen cabinet. Dispatch immediately got more calls about the message, and the cops who were still at his house opened one of the cabinets, and saw his feet sticking out. Now he’s facing charges for burglary and theft. Get the full story here.

Men Tried to Hide Fraudulent Bank Cards in Their Underwear

A group of men used stolen information to create fraudulent credit cards and make purchases at stores across Utah, police said. He said police conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle near Wal-Mart. “The officer who stopped them said that as soon as he pulled over, the driver jumped into the backseat of the car with the other two people and they were moving around frantically,” he said. “What we discovered when he got them out is they had stuffed dozens of bank cards into their underwear, apparently in an effort to hide them.” Julio Gonzales Ricardo, 34, Yornelis Correa-Machado, 38, and Eduardo Fernandez-Sanchez, 30, were arrested and booked into the Utah County Jail. During a search of the vehicle, investigators said they found gift cards worth more than $8,000 that had been purchased fraudulently. Get the full story here.


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